Steps to build a Digital marketing framework for the success of your business

Steps to build a Digital marketing framework for the success of your business

The digital world is flooded with competitors making constant efforts to be on the top. Having a digital marketing framework will guide you to sustain in this race, cutting off the tough competition without getting eliminated.

But before diving into the various digital marketing strategies, you should know why digital marketing is important for today’s businesses in the first place. 

Why is digital marketing essential for your business? 

Digital marketing is an advanced tool for marketing, almost twice as capable of boosting your business growth than traditional marketing. It has lessened the frequency of mobilisation for advertising or selling your products or services. Yet, digital marketing involves a list of other detailed processes that can collectively help your business grow. 

Strategic planning is a key step in the process of achieving your business goals. First and foremost, the planning deals with the type of marketing strategies you are going to adopt for your business growth. The success of digital marketing primarily depends on the plans and strategies adopted to build your presence on the internet.

Ever since the evolution of the internet space, digital marketing has gained equivalent or more importance than traditional marketing. Since digital marketing works beyond the barrier of geographical boundaries, it deserves to have a separate strategic plan altogether. From generating leads to earning profits, digital marketing involves steps like search engine optimization(SEO), Social media marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click marketing (PPC), and so on.

Besides raising profits, digital marketing strategies lead to massive audience reach. Driving maximum prospects to your business is the first aim to be achieved through digital marketing. Lead generation and closing sales come later in the process as without prospects who would you sell your goods/services to?

A website is one of the topmost essential assets of a company that wishes to grow online. But is a website’s mere presence on the internet going to help? A website cannot optimise itself. This is where an SEO marketing company comes into action. They work like the backbone of the digital marketing plan. It focuses on optimising your website constantly to maintain its position on the first page of a search engine.

Is Digital Marketing an easy task?

The answer is NO! 

Digital marketing is a technology-oriented promotional strategy that solely and completely depends on the functions of the internet world. The world of the web is even bigger than you think it is! Almost a majority of the world’s population is on the internet and have all the information right at their fingertips.

Though it seems simple in its usage, the digital world is highly chaotic and unrestrained. It allows multiple channels for businesses to attract maximum prospects i. e. through social media, websites, emails, online advertising and more. The fact is- your desired audience is likely to be engaged everywhere but, how would you engage them with your business? 

A well-planned digital marketing framework is nothing but a set of strategies to drive new prospects and increase business engagement. Remember that your digital marketing strategies should be exclusively planned and designed for your business. You cannot copy and paste someone else’s digital marketing strategies.

Why is a digital marketing framework important? 

Having a digital marketing framework means you have already set foot on the online journey of marketing. A framework will help you to work in a systematic manner as an attempt to achieve the goals and objectives of your business. It ensures efficient utilisation of all the platforms of the internet and receives scalable results. 

With social media being a medium for people to connect across the globe, there is larger scope of interactivity between businesses and prospects. That’s not it! Digital marketing alo allows a marketer to track the progress of the strategies applied. In case of any error in your planning, there is always scope for correction and replacement of older strategies with new. 

Besides business and marketers, digital marketing is also beneficial for the customers as it provides a seamless journey from searching a product to getting it delivered to your doorsteps. 

How to create a digital marketing framework for your business?

Goals and objectives

You must have a fair idea about what you want to achieve through digital marketing. This is not about your ultimate goal which is most probably raising profits and having a huge turn over every year. These goals are the step-by-step goals that will confirm your success. When you know the short term goals, planning your steps becomes easier. Your short term goals are a roadmap to achieving your long term business objectives. Suppose, if your goal is to increase engagement on your instagram handle, you must adopt methods and practices related to social media marketing. 

Competitor analysis

Firstly, it is vital for you to know where you stand among your business competitors. Analyze and conduct a study on what you have done for your business in digital marketing. Then comes the second and most important step of analysing and scrutinizing your competitor’s digital marketing actions. This is not to copy their actions and follow them blindly but to discover the periphery of your business and plan strategies ahead of theirs. 

Plan your steps 

Based on what you have gathered from competitors’ analysis, you can start making a detailed plan of your future actions. Atleast a one-year or 6-months strategic plan is necessary for successful digital marketing results. A good strategic plan includes a comprehensive layout of your daily or weekly actions for a definite period of time.     

Your digital marketing plan must include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Pay per click marketing
  • Blog content marketing
  • Mobile advertising
  • Email marketing 

You may include more based on the requirements of your business' success. 

Implement your ideas

Here comes the biggest deal of the digital marketing process. A crucial task of your strategic plan is to decide the accurate type of content required for your business. Be it website content, social media content, blog content, PPC content or your content for direct messaging, you must undergo rigorous research to decide what is the best way to implement your actions. An seo marketing company helps a great deal in successfully implementing a majority of your content ideas.


Track your progress

Everything you conduct over the internet is trackable. As you implement and execute your digital marketing strategies for the growth of your business, it is of utmost importance to track each of your performances, especially your social media content. Each and every post on your social media handles can be tracked on the insights section where you can see the amount of engagement each of the posts are receiving. This will give you a clear vision about the rights and wrongs in your social media marketing strategy and provide scope for correction. Even Google provides certain tools for tracking your digital marketing strategies. An Seo marketing company usually tracks their SEO actions with the help of Google Analytics where you can not only track your performance but also get the competitors' analysis too. 


Though digital marketing is a cost effective marketing program, there might be some daily or monthly expenses to bear on account of the marketer. Like an SEO marketing company might invest on specific keywords in order to rank on the Google SERP. Investment also refers to the time a digital marketing team is willing to invest in your business to help you get the desired results. The more time invested by a marketer, the faster and better results you get. 

Also track the amount of ROIs from each of these investments and calculate them at the end of every month. This will help you keep a track of your entire digital marketing program and make correct decisions in future for your digital growth. 



The steps covered in this article are necessary for building a digital marketing framework of your business. Without digital marketing, the success plan for your business will remain limited.  If you are looking for someone who can help you build a digital marketing framework, TMV is here to rescue you. We provide you with guaranteed social media strategies to market your business in various social media platforms thereby boosting your business' sales and profits to newer heights. For further details, head out to our website or call us at +91 9818870033.

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