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Increase Brand Recognition

Increase discoverability with social media marketing, Digital advertising and PPC campaigns

  • Search Ads

    If you are looking for ways to give your business the boost it deserves, search advertising is the key. Search advertising plays a quintessential role in digital marketing and helps achieve a higher ROI via tried and tested methodologies. With years of experience in the digital world, our experts will help determine the best option available to you that can help your business not just attract a larger audience but also achieve higher conversions.

  • Remarketing Ads

    Retargeting is a great way to convert window-shoppers into buyers. About 2% of shoppers convert on the very first visit to an online store, while retargeting can help bring back the other 98%. Retargeting tracks the people who visit your site and displays your retargeting ads when they visit other sites online, prompting them to find their way back onto your website.

  • Shopping Feeds

    Google Shopping is a Google Service that allows the online users to search, compare and shop for the particular products across different retailers who pay to showcase their products.

    Shopping Feeds are yet another great way to drive e-commerce sales. If you search for a particular product or a brand, you see the conspicuous little boxes with images, prices and vendors of the very product, which is very similar to an online shop.

  • Instagram Ads

    Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media platforms. More and more businesses are actively using Instagram as a platform to showcase their portfolio. The biggest advantage of Instagram ads is that they are inexpensive and hyper targeted. A good Instagram ad campaign can reach about 1,000 people for just $5-$10. Instagram targeted ads have a greater reach than conventional ad campaigns as it is connected to Facebook.

  • Video Advertising

    Video content is engaging and evocative in ways that text or images cannot compare. With the right video campaigns, you can give your business the impetus it deserves. And once your brand is able to form an emotional connection with people who need your service, you’ve won not just a loyal client, but potentially, a brand advocate as well.

  • In-stream Ads

    In-stream ads are also called YouTube ads. These are pay-per-click ads that appear on YouTube search results, YouTube videos and video partners on Display Network. YouTube ads present your brand in a unique and memorable way. Recently, Facebook has launched in-stream ads, allowing companies to place advertisements in the best slots and natural breaks in video content.